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Penbro Kelnick specialises in the manufacturing of various resistors and load banks. Our products are manufactured from quality materials and meet the highest standards and requirements.

Penbro Kelnick - Resistors

VSD Brake Resistor:

These resistors are mainly used to quickly stop or slow down electrical motors by draining the excess power and dissipating it as heat. It ensures that motors brake much faster, it lowers the wear and tear of friction braking components and it keeps the voltages of the motor within safe operating levels, all contributing to increase the overall life span of the motor.

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Penbro Kelnick | Brake Resistor

Wire Wound Resistor:

Our wire wound resistors range from 20 W to 500 W for a single tube. Resistance values are offered from as little as 0.3Ω to 100 KΩ.

Our Resistors are widely used in the following applications:

Penbro Kelnick | Wire Wound Resistor Manufacturers   Download our Wire Wound Resistor Catalogue Here

Penbro Kelnick | Locomotive Brake Resistors

Locomotive Brake Resistor:

We are proud to be a part of South Africa’s largest ever locomotive project supplying brake resistors for Transnet’s new Bombardier and China South Rail (CRRC) locomotives and for PRASA’s new EMU.

Penbro Kelnick | Wire Wound Resistor Manufacturers   Download our Locomotive Brake Resistor Catalogue Here

Penbro Kelnick | Wire Wound Resistor

Edge Wound Resistor:

Penbro Kelnick offers and refurbishes:

Non-inductive Resistor:

A wire wound resistor is essentially a coil and therefore has some inductance, which in some applications is not desirable. These resistors are non-inductive by having half the winding in one direction and the other half in the other direction. This ensures that the net inductance is nil.

Penbro Kelnick | Edge Wound Resistor

Flat Resistor:

The shape of these flat and high power resistors is ideal where space is limited and can comfortably dissipate 800 watts.

Penbro Kelnick | Edge Wound Resistor Penbro Kelnick | Edge Wound Resistor

Load Banks:

Our DC and AC load banks range in size from 1 KW for a table-top unit to 50 KW for a floor standing unit. Ideally these load banks are used as dummy loads for testing apparatus and for the discharging of battery banks.

Up to 500 KW are mounted on a factory built trailer for mobility.

Current steps are obtained by means of switching circuit breakers and can be in steps of 1A to 100A.

The load banks are forced air cooled and supplied with either analogue or digital meters to display voltage and current.

Penbro Kelnick | Loadbank Manufacturers   Download our Load Bank Catalogue Here

Locomotive Resistive Foot Heater:

Designed to customer specifications, the resistive foot heater is mounted on the floor of the driver cabin and used to warm the locomotive driver’s feet during the unbearably cold winter months.

Penbro Kelnick | Load Banks Penbro Kelnick | Load Banks

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