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Transformers & Magnetic Products

Transformers & Magnetic Products | Penbro Kelnick
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Single and three-phase potential transformers are designed and manufactured by Penbro Kelnick. Penbro manufactures an innumerable number of transformers, according to customer specifications, which include:

Penbro Kelnick - Transformers & Magnetic Products

Single Phase & 3 Phase Transformers:

These single phase transformer and 3 phase potential transformers are manufactured from high grade, standard sized materials. The power range of our transformers varies from a few VA to 1MVA. In most applications where the power requirement exceeds 2kVA, laminations are cut in-house according to the specified design.

Penbro Kelnick is renowned for our ability to design power transformers with special characteristics.

Dry-type transformers are manufactured to cater for a wide range (3VA to 1MVA) of single phase and 7VA to 1MVA for three-phase applications.

When required, we also vacuum impregnate our transformers to improve insulation qualities. We also offer various types of sheet-metal or polyester enclosures. Every transformer dispatched from the factory has undergone extensive testing according to ISO 9001:2008.

Penbro Kelnick | Single Phase & 3 Phase Transformers

PCB Transformers:

Penbro Kelnick manufactures a wide range of PCB-mount transformers for various applications in the low to medium-voltage range. These transformers are manufactured with imported bobbins and lamination materials to enhance their quality and efficiency in order to meet high standards.

We offer the following types of PCB transformers:

Penbro Kelnick | PCB Transformers

Most of the small transformers produced at the Penbro factory are units made according to customer specification, and range from 0.5VA to 40VA and in special applications to 100VA.

Custom Made Coils:

A large range of coils, chokes and other magnetic devices are produced for railway applications and special purposes which include:

Penbro Kelnick manufactures replacement parts, which often are obsolete, for many applications. This has contributed to the fact that we presently manufacture more than 500 different types of inductors annually for special applications alone.

The versatility of our production facilities and experience in railway energy systems ensures that there are few restrictions in our coil winding abilities. No products are ever “too odd” for us to manufacture – if there is a demand we will design and build it, an initiative which has shaped our history and reputation.

Penbro Kelnick | Custom Made Coils

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